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Note: As of February 28, 2007 the Top Throttle is no longer offered for sale and development has been retired. TDscripts.com will continue to provide bug support to existing customers.

Ever wanted to have complete control over your traffic redirection?  Why do it the hard way? With Top Throttle you can send easily configurable amounts of your website traffic via a link or using SSI to up to 24 different HTML pages at different times of the day. One license permits you to run multiple versions of the script on a single domain so essentially you could have much more than 24 different urls if you wanted to. Send 50 hits from 1-2pm to your favorite Top List, send 1500 hits from 8pm to 10pm to your favorite link site. This is also great for configuring exactly how much traffic to send back to your referrers. If they average sending you 100 hits a day, send them the 100 back at a preset time of the day and then use that same link or SSI to redirect traffic elsewhere. The code has been optimized for speed and size. In fact the script which controls the redirection is only 2.1 K in size!  Click here to be redirected (demo)  Depending on the current time of day and how many hits we predefined to allow to certain URLs you will be redirected.

See what the admin area looks like!

High traffic users ONLY: Before buying this Perl script, please realize there are server limitations involved in the use of Perl scripts. This is not a defect in the programming, I have made every attempt to make this code as efficient as possible. However, if you intend to consistently redirect more than 30,000 hits per day (this is a general guide only, too many variables exist to be more specific), you should run this using mod_perl for the best efficiency. For really high traffic capacity though, say in excess of 100,000 hits a day, this script will not function reliably and your server may or may not even be able to withstand the load. Of course individual circumstances will vary. This script is intended to be used for small to moderate sized traffic loads.

Top Throttle 1.0 - Timed Traffic Redirector

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