Note: As of February 28, 2007 the Link Organizer script is no longer offered for sale and development has been retired. will continue to provide bug support to existing customers.

upgraded! Link Organizer 1.24 UNIX/LINUX

A comprehensive link list organizer that will allow you to customize and administrate a small to large link site. It sorts your links by alphabetical letter, but it can display them randomly or evenly and also rotate them automatically for you. This is currently being used on numerous link sites with links from hundreds to upwards of 8,000+ links and saving webmasters tons of time.

* Compile and create a special new HTML page and every category HTML page using the information in the link database and your templates using the lightning fast Link Organizer script engine
* You can change the output of every category page, every single link, including adding targeted sponsor banners, weighting sponsors, mixing sponsors with search results, use banners instead of text links or mix both and much, much more!
* Unlimited categories and pages can be created!

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1.24 upgrade (8/20/02)
  - link modification patch

1.23 upgrade (5/22/02)
  - newsynch utility script added

1.22 upgrade (1/22/02)
  - global banning for subdomains added
  - redirect banned submitters to any URL of your choice
  - quickly generate invalid recip link info for all sites in the database, and optionally delete all

1.21 upgrade (1/6/02)
  - display IP address for all submitters
  - better support for flagging auto submission bots

1.2 upgrade (1/1/02)
  - special support area for Link Organizer registered users where you can download
    custom mods, utilities, chat with other Link Organizer registered users, and more!
  - enhanced security during the submission process
  - allows you to ban submissions by email, site IP, domain either
    individually (specific address) or globally (all sites on the domain)
  - allow you to redirect specific banned submissions to the URL
    of your choice
  - exports a standard .txt file with all unique webmaster email
    addresses for easy importing into third party mail programs
  - adds several new "ban" options to the approve menu in the admin area
    which will ban submissions from any URL, email or both

1.1 upgrade (9/29/00)
      - template editing, no more FTP needed to edit templates or entire HTML pages
      - page editor, quickly edit any page in your links directory, no FTP needed!
      - new operator mode ... track your approval and decline percentages
      - category counter ... display how many links in each category and in database
      - almost 1000 lines of code added/edited/enhanced

1.03 patch necessary for 1.1 (5/2/00)

1.02 upgrade (4/2/00)
    - admin can now delete all search results with push of a button
    - easily add or remove javascript mouseovers, no code knowledge necessary

Detailed actual admin screen, click here!

Don't take our word for it, here's what a few of many satisfied Webmasters say:

"Finally a script that takes the headache out of running a link list and gets you back to pimpin fast!"
                                                                 -Johnny Utah 2002-02-19 at 20:12:21 PT (using version 1.2+)

"I do always tell people about your absolutely outstanding support that you provide. Your scripts work the way they are suppose to and when I open them up to do some customizing they are easy to understand even for a non-programmer like me. I don't know of anybody that has been so quick to get back to me and you have even called my on the phone which is just amazing."
                                                                 -Cleo 2002-01-30 at 21:57:26 PT (using version 1.2+)

"...TDavid... the Link Organizer update totally Rocks!! Thanks Mon!!!"
                                                                 - WillyB Friday Dec 28 06:10:39 2001 PT (using version 1.2)

"...Hi TDavid, I love the script, if you have more options available for it please tell me I would love to add on the options :) - the script works like a dream and without a glitch "
                                                                 - Maqua  Sun Feb 11 18:01:14 2001 Message #7064
(using version 1.1)

"...just another satisfied user of TDavid's script..... :-)"
                                                                - MikeS Sat Jan 20 13:53:46 2001 PST Message #406 (using version 1.1)

"I'm another very satisfied user of TD's Link Organizer. Been running it for over a year now I think and have had almost zero trouble with it, and when I did, I just hit him on ICQ and he had it fixed in minutes!"
                                                               - Smoothie  Fri Jan 19 16:47:40 2001 PST Message #399 (using version 1.1)

"TDavid, your Link Organizer script has turned a boring, dreaded job into something that I now look forward to. I run a rather small links list and thought it would be silly to buy a script to maintain it. Needless to say, the time involved to even update the list for ONE submission was what I considered a waste of time, so often I would just NOT even bother to update... Anyway, after thinking about all the lost revenue from not keeping the site updated and current, I decided to try your script. Do I like it? Ummm.. YEAH! Since purchasing the first one, I've bought 2 more :-) That speaks for itself. The interface is smooth, easy, and fast. Thank you for all your help and support during the transistion. Highly recommend this script for all links list owners, whether small or large!"
                                                                           - Lace Monday, October 16, 2000 3:13 AM (using version 1.1)

TDavid - The script seems to be working great, I like it alot and I'm very glad that I went this route. I will shoot you a email for one small request otherwise "Excellent Job" everyone who has a link list See TDavid for one hell of a script :)"
                                                                          - Maqua Sun Sep 17 04:04:33 2000
Message #15041 (using version 1.1)

"Dude, its awesome ;-)  I really appreciate all your help and 'on the spot support' too. Its running so smoothly now, its almost like its not there at all ;-))) It has turned what used to be 2 hr event (of manually updating) every Wed and Sun. into a daily 3 minute function. It paid for itself the first week. I'm so busy doing graphics that my links site often goes by the wayside, and now thanks to your Link Organizer I can update every day in a mere fraction of the time it used to take!"
                                                                          - MikeW Wyldesites Sat Sept 9 19:11:00 2000 (using version 1.1)

"I use TDavids link script {Link Organizer} and it literally took 2-3 hours off my work. And the best thing is you always know where to find him if you have any questions about it. I give it an A+ as well as his customer service. And no I don't make any commission on saying that!"
                                                                         - "Reverend" Fri Feb 18 04:33:02 2000 message #17812

"... not only is it a great script he is a great programmer.. I had an issue with the email section of it.. I Icq'd him.. explained it.. we worked it out TADA! issue fixed, problem solved even tho is was just a small thing with my hosting.. he was there and willing to help!
                                                                         - TimeWalker
Wed Feb 16 12:15:35 2000 EST - Message #1364

"...This thing is a dream come true for me, does tons of amazing stuff "
                                                                         - "Smoothie"

Would you like us to install the Link Organizer 1.24 upgrade for you? Then click here to pay for the installation upgrade package. Upgrade installation price (The script upgrade and instructions are FREE to existing Link Organizer users, but if you want us to install the upgrade for you the price is below)

*$35 [Pay By Check 1.24 Upgrade Installation] *This price does not include if you have customized your version of Link Organizer. Customized versions will be upgraded at a rate of $35 per hour regardless of when the license was purchased. Contact us if you have any questions. Installations are done on a first come, first serve basis and therefore turnaround time will depend on current installation volume. NOTE: If you purchased Link Organizer after July 1, 2002 your Link Organizer 1.24 upgrade installation is FREE.

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